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Mostly Edges Puzzles: an innovative way to jigsaw!

Experienced puzzlers know you start with the edge pieces-but what if all the pieces were mostly edges?

Helps you build the puzzle faster!

Mostly Edges Puzzle is fun for everyone

With optional color coded directions for those looking to make the experience a bit less challenging, the patent pending Mostly Edges Puzzle is fun for everyone:

Step 1

Turn the puzzle pieces face down so you see the color on the back of each piece.

Step 2

Separate the colors into five groups: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

Step 3

Turn the pieces face up while keeping them in the separate color groups.

Step 4

Assemble the puzzle by color groups starting with red, blue, green, yellow and finally purple.

Step 5

Follow this sequence and you will build the puzzle from the center to the outermost edge.

Mostly Edges Puzzles: an innovative way to jigsaw!

Mostly Edges Puzzles is a unique experience for novice and seasoned puzzlers alike. This playful twist on the standard puzzle provides an exciting challenge for those seeking something new.

Order Your Puzzles!

Visit our shop to purchase the Mostly Edges Puzzle and enjoy a new way to jigsaw!

  • 18” x 24”
  • 500 pieces
  • 2mm BLUE ESKA Board (Premium 2mm Blue Eska Board performs better than standard puzzle board in lay flat and stay tests.)
  • Double Sided Puzzle (color coded on back)
  • Edges, edges, edges, edges everywhere

Handmade Birdhouse Camera Covers

Add a touch of joy to your home surveillance with our indoor and outdoor camera covers designed to look like charming birdhouses!

Veteran owned shop
Handmade product
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High quality materials

Need a way to hide your camera in style?

Our birdhouse-style camera enclosures will hold your camera just right so that you don't miss anything your camera sees.

Available in these finishes:
Camera types supported:
Google Nest
Optional Customizations Include:
Post or rail mounts
Holes for solar panels
Velcro for sturdier roof attachment
Same day shipping available on select products.

Order Your Birdhouse

Get ready to add a touch of whimsy to your surroundings by ordering your birdhouse on Etsy, where style meets functionality in these delightful home décor pieces!

About scottyv

I served in the Army and, while stationed in Germany, spent time in the woodshop during off hours. When I returned home, I built a business-I was self employed in the finance industry for 25 years. Learning the art of woodworking, and running my own small business, gave me the ability to understand what it takes to provide useful products and personalized service to my customers.

Chapel Street Creation was born out of a need I discovered while building my own home. I had a concern for the equipment and lumber on the property and wanted to conceal a video camera. I designed and built a birdhouse to hide the camera and before long, I sold my first custom creation in September of 2020-well before any other birdhouses used to conceal cameras were on the market en masse.

I pride myself on delivering high quality products and customer satisfaction with my hand crafted, made in America birdhouses. Bringing novel ideas to life allows me to be open-minded and appreciate life through others’ eyes. They might just give you an idea that you can turn into an actionable solution!

Featured Reviews

Beautiful items, seller was only too happy to kindly answer my questions prior to placing my order. Order arrived quickly despite being international and was well packaged, thoughtfully made and of great craftsmanship, I’m really, genuinely thrilled and happy to recommend.

Great hidden spot for our outdoor Ring camera. Allows us to keep an eye on our yard without our house looking like a fortress. I’m buying another one for our other yard. Because the bird houses are much nicer to look at than the cameras

This birdhouse is a great little camera holder. I have it on a post where it looks like it belongs. The seller made a couple of requested alterations, and still shipped very quickly.

Love this product, I ordered two! Some of my cameras are visible due to where they are, the two I have hidden in these birdhouses will discretely film if someone is trying to disable the cameras that are visible.

Love these birdhouses, it disguises that I am filming, so the neighbors are less likely to feel awkward about it. I get a lot of snow where I live, so seller helpfully cut off the little porch so I would not get a tiny snowdrift there. Seller was so easy to work with!

Shelly on May 20, 2023 5 out of 5 stars We now have three of these birdhouses. They are such a lovely and discreet way to house the security cameras. They are well-built and exactly as described. So pleased with our purchase.